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gold finishing on ceramics
SERENIUS alessandro guardini
METAG G luca cavalca
PIATTO pol polloniato
FLEXXI lorenzo zanovello
FETTOCCIA aldo gnesotto
FETTOCCIA 2 aldo gnesotto
DOLCIS marchio chiurato
meta g 2 luca cavalca

SECONDOBINARIO  is a playground for handcrafted master ceramists and artists.


 A young and fresh project that allow most tallented artists to express new ideas and designs.


We like to think this project helps artists to express their creativity and functionsas an eye-pleaser to our life providing daily motivation to create new ideas.


Every items that you find in is carefully 100% handmade in our worksshop based  in Nove (Italy) with child enthusiasm and tons of love for what we create using the best quality material on earth.



SECONDOBINARIO our idea of happyness !


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